Aaron Yan The Next Me (EP) (25 Mar 2011) - Cupcakes Pudding Angels World
1. The Next Me (下一個我 Xia Yi Ge Wo)2. I Can See Nothing But You (只看見妳 Zhi Kan Jian Ni)
3. Touch And Go (一觸即發 Yi Chu Ji Fa)
4. Just One Look (最後一眼 Zui Hou Yi Yan)
5. Suddenly (忽然之間 Hu Ran Zhi Jian)
6. The Truth That You Leave (Piano Ver.) (Inst.)

Songs From His Bonus DVD
1. Angel
2. 甲你攬牢牢
3. 如果沒有你
4. 想太多
5. 寂寞暴走
6. 好久不見

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The Next Me (Pre Order Ver.)

The Next Me (EP) (Taiwan Ver.)

Pre-Order Version comes with a bonus DVD containing select footage from Aaron's mini-concert / birthday party.
Taiwan version comes with a new 16-page lyrics booklet and a set of Aaron Yan photo cards.
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